From our students

Having trained with these amazing women for 3+ years, I can confidently say that they are proficient, kind, and incredible mentors. They will also teach you how to kick some serious a$$. You will leave class feeling like you can take on anything and anyone.- Dana S
Elizabeth, Amber and Leana are the best self-defense instructors one could possibly have! The are very skilled and knowledgeable and they work hard to make sure you reach your goals. They really love what they do and their passion is reflected in the way they teach their classes. - Celia B
I’ve had the pleasure of working with the ladies of 805 Defense since 2016! What I appreciate is the very realistic approach to training while pushing me to my limits. They helped me realize strength comes from within when I didn’t believe that I had it! From basic self defense to more advanced tactics, these ladies bring it! Additionally, my children (son-12yrs & daughter-10yrs) expressed interest in learning self defense after watching some of my sessions. Leana’s skillful approach taught the kids to listen to their hearts and their guts aside from physical defense. They learned to be aware of the soundings and only use force if necessary. After their session was completed, they were begging for more classes. It’s such a joy to see your children inspired and empowered! - Shevon H

A big shout out to the great team of instructors at 805 Defense for an amazing session! Informative, personal, hands on instruction and well rounded techniques for all ages, highly recommended! I definitely feel safer, more confident, stronger and walking taller. Thank you again! - Christina D